dan howell aka the danster; at night, i try to fill the terrible void you left in your wake but nothing, no man, no drink, no sound can seem to. i try so damn hard to get rid of this nothingness you left in me but it consumes me, wraps me up like a blanket until i can't feel a thing and all i do is wait and hope that someday i can be whole again.

Thank you so much for 1k followers! I never thought I would get this far when I joined this horrible yet incredible website, and I can’t thank each one of you enough for how lovely and welcoming you’ve been. I have met some incredibly sweet and caring people who are crazy talented and have so much ahead of them. It sometimes (more like always) amazes me how talented you guys are. So here are some cuties who brighten up my dash with either their amazing gifs, top notch writing,or witty remarks that make me laugh like a seal. Favorites are bolded and the overwhelmingly perfect are italicized because so much perfect and cuteness I can’t handle it.

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Thank you again so much! Stay gorgeous, loves! <3

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